Great Wall of ChaCha


A brand new game from ArBer Gaming Apps is available now, promising exciting gameplay with a strong lead character! The indie developer comes from San Francisco, California, and is relatively new to the mobile gaming community. They’re looking to knock it out of the park with their upcoming game, The Wall of ChaeChae. The Wall of ChaeChae is an endless runner that will keep you tapping for hours on end. Drawing inspiration from games like Temple Run and Guitar Hero, The Wall of ChaeChae will be a great addition to your collection! Attack enemies and dodge obstacles as they come hurdling at you, all in an attempt to save your beloved family.
The Wall of ChaeChae is more than just an endless runner though, as it tells a powerful tale of family and revenge. You will play as ChaeChae himself, a focused man who hails from Mexico. ChaeChae is known as a hero among his community of Juarez, Mexico. Juarez, which is known for its high amount of cartel activity, is considered one of the most dangerous places on Earth. ChaeChae is a compassionate and brave man, but also deadly and vengeful. Although he’s a protector and leader to those he loves, he shows no compassion for his enemy.
After ChaeChae’s family are kidnapped by a corrupt police force and handed over to a Mexican drug cartel, he pursues them to deliver justice. ChaeChae’s journey won’t be so easy though, as his family has been taken to El Paso, Texas, the city in which he grew up. Returning to El Paso will prove to be quite difficult, and as the player you will help guide ChaeChae through the many dangers awaiting him at the border. As ChaeChae evades and destroys those who stand in his way, he feels vindicated in avenging his family.

ChaeChae’s a very human character, with both flaws and strengths. This is completely intentional, as ArBer Gaming Apps hopes that players will find ChaeChae easy to relate to. Their aim with The Wall of ChaeChae is to provide a healthy way of releasing stress and anger. With this in mind, you can be sure that the game is more than just mindless repetition.
As the developer keeps working hard on The Wall of ChaeChae, remember to check back in to see how the game is progressing! You can check the developer’s Twitter feed (@arbBerLLC) for more information, as well as up-to-date announcements. The Wall of ChaeChae is planned for released on the Apple Store. Don’t forget to download the game when it releases and help ChaeChae avenge his family, all while engaging in fun stress-relieving gameplay.

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