Epic RPS Hand Game now! Play against computer or AI: artificial intelligence, or play against other human players in multiplayer mode. Our Rock Paper Scissors is definitely more thrilling and addictive than the classic children game. and to win the game, you definitely need quick thinking and luck.

There are so many games to play when your bored. Sometimes we like classic children game and sometimes we want to engage in epic battles. In our epic RPS, we combine these two genres and created something really addictive. We want to elevate a simple children game to something more complex and challenging. Aside from the classic rock, paper, scissors battle, we also add some twists and new game styles, not to mention RPS tournaments against players from around the world! We guarantee that you’ll be having fun while playing this seemingly simple game.


• A fun game to play when your bored and need something to occupy your mind.
• Awesome graphic and animation.
• Win the game and beat all 30 levels in Single Player mode.
• Simple concept, but complex gameplay, with some twists.
• Play against AI: artificial intelligence or human players in multiplayer game.
• In game chat with emojis.
• View the stats to see how many times you win the game and epic battles on Multiplayer mode.
• View your Achievements and Awards.
• 3 style of games.

When you play against an opponent, you can choose between three styles:
1. Rock, paper, scissors
2. Air, Fire, Man (needs to be unlocked)
3. Gun, Tree, Water, Devil (needs to be unlocked)

These styles are what make our game of chance stands out! It makes our Rock Paper Scissors game more challenging and fun compared to other similar games.
So, are you ready to having fun and win the battles against all your opponents? If you do, don’t waste any time! Download our Rock Paper Scissors, a true classic children game with many twists!

We hope you’re having fun playing our RPS game. If you do, please take your time to leave us a rating and review to support us!

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